Flora and Fauna is the first glimpse of spring wildflowers makes you feel like a kid again—because once those colors start popping, you know summer isn’t far behind! Get your littles excited about the natural and whimsical ways of the world by using wildflowers in your next project. Whether it’s a DIY gift or just a fun afternoon of art, there are a ton of ways to feel like a flower child all over again.

Pressed Flower Project
Start at the beginning. Simple enough for the tiniest hands, this project could be ground zero for all the cool ideas we’ve found.

Flower Crown

Your fairy queen or king of the elves will dig donning a flower crown.The simple requirements of clippers and your kiddo’s favorite floral makes for an easy and fun way to add a magical touch to the afternoon.

Make Flower Figures
Flower petals make the perfect materials for creating a few fairies, or a butterfly….or, a stegosaurus? This simple art project allows imaginations to run wild with just a few handful of the floral stuff. And lastly..,

Wildflower Picture Frame
If you’ve old frames laying around (the ones you plan on updating with photos that aren’t 10 years old) this is the project for you! Let the kids get a chance to play interior designer by collecting flowers and displaying around the edges.

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